ina’s art becomes the transition between old and new. It’s not just an art form, it’s an artistic expression that will alter a bland space. Her work represents global vision.”
—Vicente Wolf Interior Designer
"The sculptures Nina created for me are totally awesome and beyond compare. Beautiful… Beautiful!"
—Jim Carrey Actor
“Nina is an incredibly gifted talent who creates extraordinarily elegant and inspired work with her attention to detail and innate expressiveness. She has a true understanding of the nuances of texture and color and translates this knowledge imaginatively into enchanting plaster relief wall murals for her clients.”
—Amy Lau Interior Designer
“I was most enchanted by artist Nina Helms' bas-relief wall murals. Nina has something very special and unique.”
—Wendy Goodman Home Editor, New York Magazine
"[Hydrangea in holiday house] It's beautiful and fits the space perfectly."
—Mario Buatta Interior Designer