“Art is a mutual creation. What is born in my hands, is brought to life through the eyes and emotions of the viewer.”

—Nina Helms

Nina Helms is a sculptural illustrator. With her hands, she brings to life a three-dimensional story, re-creating a moment in time through a mix of plaster and emotion. Nina's unique talent of capturing the subtle details and textures of the natural form is captivating. Her imaginative works, whether embracing a large public space or accenting the walls of a private home, capture the beauty within our surrounding world. Her sculptures are at times breathtaking, at others energizing, often times they are both.

Nina's work draws inspiration from the traditional European wall relief sculptures, she first discovered during a stay at a chateau in the Loire Valley of France. “Struck by a plaster flower on one of the antique ceilings,” Nina explains, “I stopped, and in a split second I saw my creativity unfolding. I knew I could take this art form and reinterpret it in a fresh way for this century.”

Nina's modern take on the classical medium finds its unique voice in theme, design and in the materials from which it is created. Developing her own variations of plasters, Nina's bas-reliefs are more pliable and durable than ever before. Today Nina has the freedom to turn walls into canvases and her clients' visual dreams into enchanting realities. Her unique viewpoint and talent results in creations that are timeless in spirit, luxurious in appeal; a feast for the eyes and the soul.

A graduate of the University of the Arts and the Stevenson Academy of Fine Art, Nina worked for the renowned graphic designer, Milton Glaser, as an illustrator and designer. Her ability to tell a story graphically combined with her deep appreciation for three-dimensional art comes together in Nina's unique sculptures. Her work is included in private collections and public spaces worldwide. She specializes in distinctive, site-specific, custom commissions.